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Welcome to The Exiles Website. The Exiles is a Martial Arts School based in London England with several study groups around the UK and Europe. We teach a workable and full martial curriculum to students that enables them to both fight just as those who were originally trained in our Arts and to a level that they could rely upon their skills to defend themselves in modern-day situations.

To that end, members of the School aim to learn all of the skills involved in life or death combat, including:

- Unarmed Striking and Grappling
- Dagger attack and defence
- Longsword in one and two hands
- Poleaxe and Spear Weapons

These skills are taught both in and out of armour.

Our primary study is focused on the 600 year old historical work of Master Fiore dei Liberi. The martial system Fiore laid down is very no-nonsense in approach and the Exiles learn the Art with this mentality in practice.

The system and techniques we practice from Fiore's work have been researched not only by members of our group for over 15 years but also by members of many other groups and societies, with whom we often work to further our common goal of studying European Martial Arts. Although it is a relatively recent development, this community of like-minded groups is growing rapidly, encompassing members from all areas of combat study and mainstream martial arts from across the world.

Training with the Exiles can be as intense as a member wishes, lessons are structured and personal curriculums form the basis of progression through the art.

If you are interested in finding out more about this field of martial arts or becoming a member, why not contact is by clicking here.